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«A lot of job ahead this year…!»

Publication time: 20 April 2004, 00:12

Five days before the death of Commander Abu-Walid last Monday April 12 a Kavkaz Center reporter in Chechnya had a chance to talk to him. The brief conversation was conducted over the radio. The reporter wanted to prepare a detailed interview and was planning to have a radio session with the Chechen Commander once again. But another conversation never took place. Sunday night Spokesman of Military Council of State Defense Council Majlis al-Shura of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria contacted us over the phone and reported that last Friday April 16 Commander of Eastern Front of CRI Armed Forces Amir Abu-Walid died in a battle (became a Shaheed/martyr). The Spokesman of State Defense Council did not give any details about the Commander's death. He only said that the relatives were notified about the death of Commander Abu-Walid last Saturday night.


Kavkaz Center is publishing the text of that brief conversation that took place between Commander Abu-Walid and our reporter a week ago. The text is published with no abridgements but with some stylistic corrections.


- Salam Aleikum (Peace be upon you). How are the things going over there? We hear they've been bombing your side pretty hard.


Wa Aleikum Salam (And peace be upon you). Praise God, everything’s all right. The Kafirs (infidels) are bombing us and we are bombing them. The situation is normal for the wartime. Alhamdulillah (Thank God)…


- I wanted to get an interview from you for Kavkaz Center.


Come on over, you’ll get the interview and everything…


- I'll try. But let's talk over the radio a little bit.


Yeah, let’s do that. No problem. But we don’t have much time though…


- Russians are saying they've been conducting a major combat operation on your side. What's going on over there?


Nothing new. They’re bombing with their warplanes and shelling with their howitzers and self-propelled artillery. Our Mujahideen (fighters) are operating everywhere. Right now it’s already getting warm, thank God. Over there, where we downed Kafirs (infidels, invaders) and munafiks (national traitors) real good in Tazen-Kala, Ersenoi, Agishbatoi and other places. We have three Shaheeds (martyrs who died in a battle), Insha Allah (God Willing). The fighters defeated a convoy in Shali too. The Avtury operation has been postponed. A battle took place in the direction of Nozhai-Yurt. Today it was reported that national traitors were ambushed near Ishkhoi-Yurt. The same things are happening in Gudermes. Right now we have a lot of work to do. The Kafirs keep shooting and shelling with their self-propelled artillery.


- What is the situation like among the Mujahideen?


Thank God, everything is all right. Everybody wants to fight the war. A lot of job is lying ahead this year, God Willing. We will kick the Kafirs out, if such is the will of Allah. Many fighters are ready for it. They are coming to us and asking us for assignments. A lot of young people. Blasts and ambushes happen every day. Mujahideen (fighters) are very active all over.


You guys are giving very little information. A lot of work has been done, and not too many people are going to know about it. Kafirs are not going to tell unless you do. God Willing, this year we have already shot down four helicopters. Many operations were carried out in the city as well. It is only on our Front. Others are working just as hard.


- It's hard to get in touch with us. Hardly anybody works over the phone, and we are hard to reach over the radio.


We have people out there, whom we report our information to. Your boss is supposed to know who to contact. We will be supplying the information, God Willing.

- How about the commanders? Do you guys ever get together at all?

Thank God, we do stay in touch. With our Commander-In-Chief, and with the others too. We all met not too long ago, and we did a good job.


- What were you discussing at the meeting?


Let’s talk about it next time. I’ve got to go now, got some work to do. Stay on this channel. We had a real good discussion, Insha Allah (God Willing)…!


- All right, Salam Aleikum


Wa Aleikum Salam, warahmatullah…



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