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Leaflets, weapons of Mujahideen

Publication time: 25 May 2004, 00:24

It seems like informational confrontation in Dagestan is not weakening at all, but it’s only gaining momentum. The subject of the so-called 'Wahabist threat' has been in the center of the propaganda efforts of pro-Moscow regime in Dagestani capital Makhachkala: its goal is to vilify and to crush the revival of Islam in the Republic. Fight against 'Wahabism' is covered by local TV virtually each day, and its danger is being explained to the people. The media are putting all sorts of labels on them, blaming all crimes that are being committed in Dagestan on them, and threatening with retaliation and persecution.


In the middle of this anti-Wahabi hysteria, which has turned into a large-scale war against ordinary Dagestani Muslims and against Islam as a religion, local puppet authorities are conducting punitive raids against the Islamic youth. Muslims are being baited, taken hostage, tortured, and getting subjected to violence and humiliations.


Dagestani Muslims are uniting into structures of armed Resistance, the Jamaats, and responding to the Makhachkala pro-Moscow regime with their word and their action.


In response to murders and persecutions of Muslims, Dagestani Mujahideen are striking back and eliminating the butchers from punitive structures of the Makhachkala pro-Moscow regime. And at the same time they are trying to explain their actions to the population and call on the local authorities to give up the policies of tyranny and violence towards Muslims.


The Makhachkala regime is being contacted through leaflets, which became the response of the Mujahideen to the slander and accusations from the puppet government.


Kavkaz Center editors received the text of one of such leaflets distributed in Dagestan on behalf of the Jamaat of Dagestani Mujahideen.


Address to «law enforcement officers» of Dagestan

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Peace and blessing be to our Prophet Muhammad, to his family, to his disciples and to all who follow him until the Day of Judgment.


We, the Dagestani Jamaat are hereby addressing to all «law enforcement officers» of the Republic of Dagestan concerning the latest events that happened in the Republic.


Today a real war against Islamic Jamaat has been unleashed in Dagestan, when the police, the FSB (KGB) and prosecutor’s office are severely torturing people, humiliating their human dignity and mocking their religious principles. Any methods of physical violence and suppression of personality are used, which butchers at Nazi concentration camps would not even think of.


After undergoing such tortures people go crazy and even commit suicide after being driven to despair. Their relatives are not safe either. «Upholders of the law» are kidnapping them and beating them. And all these things are being done by the people who are claiming to be Muslims!


They are waging this war against us not only because we are calling for the establishment of the only just laws of Allah. Only Dagestani authorities are benefiting from this war, because they don’t want to lose the riches, the palaces, or expensive cars that they have amassed by robbery. And the main thing is that they don’t want to lose their unlimited power and absolute impunity.


In order to retain all of this, they are using you and treating you like cattle, turning you into their obedient slaves, whose lives are worth nothing. And you are fighting against the establishment of the laws of Allah, your Creator, for the sake of defending the interests of this miserable handful of scoundrels, who gobbled up too much grub like pigs, and their henchmen!


The Most High commands us to oppose evil, injustice and aggression against life, freedom, honor and religion of Muslims. We are warning each «law enforcement officer» that any indirect or direct participation in this war against us makes him an enemy of Allah and Muslims, and retribution will inevitably catch up with him. We are also warning each one of you that such a «law enforcement officer» is an accomplice of the power built on unbelief, since the Koran says: «And those who are ruling not by the laws of Allah, are infidels». And complicity and aiding the government of unbelief brings a person out of Islam, and his deeds will not avail him on the Day of Judgment.


We are calling you to get out of the slavery of this handful of worthless slaves. We are calling you to become servants of your Creator, this is the only way you will become really free, strong and worthy sons of Dagestan, the descendants of great Imams, Warriors for the Faith! Any one of you who will repent and will truly believe and do good works will become our brother, and our hearts are always open for him.

Jamaat of Dagestani Mujahideen

Department of Correspondence,


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