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Hungarians, Chechens, Finns and other Khazars

Publication time: 7 October 2005, 12:50

Delirium, as it is known, concept not only medical. Crazy ideas are shown in people in the most unexpected occasion. For example, in a policy. The delirium is illness and as doctors speak, illness this is rather difficultly treated, if is treated in general.


The delirium in a policy, for example, is not less dangerous, than a classical condition of delirium of the ill person to which (it is especial at the moment of an aggravation) needs medical aid.


However there is a delirium and other plan. Delirium is conscious and purposeful. Such form of delirium characterizes not so much a medical condition of the one who the delirium distributes, but those, how many trusts him.


In distribution of conscious, purposeful deliriums are usually engaged political adventurists, MASS-MEDIA and experts (historians, for example) which serve interests of these adventurers.


Mass usually willingly trust crazy ideas and stories. Especial trustfulness in this business differ Russian, which have transformed delirium group communistic adventurers into a reality and during 70 years forced itself and the neighbours, trying to construct “paradaise on earth", categorically not recognizing the God.


There is an edition "Russian messanger" among many Russian MASS-MEDIA distributing conscious delirium. Delirium on pages of this edition is selective, strictly focused on "chechen issue". Though on other themes here it is possible to find sometimes rather sober judgements and ideas.


Before tree year this edition has published absolutely crazy "history of Chechen people" certain, if one may say so, "the history" of Sergey Blagovolina. This <<work" till now is carefully stored in archive of the edition"Russian messanger" and it would be possible not to pay attention on it, if similar <<survey" did not lay basis of policy of genocide of Chechen people, which is carried out with Moscow during hundreds years.


For that the reader understand about what is there a speech, we bring a fragment of "histrial coposition" of Blagoviln, submitted by "researcher etnopsychologist" to make comments which are more preferably to the doctor - psychiatrist, as <<etnopsychologist" in the researches reminds more etnopsychopath.




Patrimonial consciousness of Chechens (according to “etnopsychopath" of Blagovolin)


"Roots of Chechens are in the north of China, to the north of the Great Chinese wall, in a civilization hun. This civilization of community of nomads received a lion's share of the income from a robbery of farmers. During several millenia huns terrorized the Chinese agricultural civilization.


Chinese resisted differently. Eventually Chinese were united. Armies of Huns were cut out in all territory of China. Then the Chinese army has intruded on nomadic territories of junks and cut out there Huns. Huns were compelled to run to Siberia and to the west. They have reached Volga, have crossed through it. They were much. By different estimations, from several tens thousand to 120 thousand. On scales of Europe of that time it was "very much". To this time they did not have any woman, any weak. All of them lived together among themselves as homosexuals. It was some kind of flight of survived he-wolves. They killed all women and weak men.


Among them there was no one, who would not eat meat of own women, not saws their blood, do not eat corpses lost and died, did not kill and do not eat the weakened fellow tribesman and his horse, not saws their smoking blood. This nucleus of people with their monstrous ethnosocial heritage and waning history was the founder and the first-born carrier of the central, first-born nucleus of ethnic psychology at once after several ethnoses. This ethnic psychology was created by ruthless and injurious community of survived men - cannibals, which customs very strongly reminded customs of the wolf flight, run away from punishment, a miracle of survived robbers and murderers.


The symbol of the wolf was not casual. These people which have crossed Volga, were incorporated by an ethnic origin, with flesh and blood of the fellow tribesmen eaten on road, the common homosexual contacts, the common mysticism of a pagan breeding cult (a cult of the sky and animals), psychology contempt for the woman and all another's, the attitude to the woman and all another's was as to cattle with which it is possible to hammer and eat. It was the uniform breeding boiler, base for formation of sorts, tribes, the ethnoses connected among themselves and not alien refined to experience of management by other peoples, saved up for centuries (millenium) of contacts and wars with the Chinese civilization, parasitized on it.


The part of these people has gone to plunder Baltic proslavic civilizations, then was superseded in northern woods, has in part mixed up with Varangian and has turned to Finns. Animal features of customs and little explainable displays of cruelty of northern neighbours were known then to our ancestors, slavs, were fixed in legends and legends. Remember, how inhabitants of coast of northern sea have met Sadko? About a theme of the person, it is possible to tell "Asian", ruthlessness Finns in relation to Russian white emigrants, captured by Russian Red Army men (during civil war and the second world war) it was a little written for the political reasons.


Other part of these people deserted in area of present Hungary and became the foundress of Hungarians. They have stolen women at ancestors of the present French, germen, the western slavs and were very quickly multiplied, steel the basic ethnic nucleus of formation of Austro-hungarian empire. Psychology of predatoriness in the organization of sources of the income due to other, agricultural peoples, the psychology of dynamism of a predator and the robber promoted this. Acceptance by Hungarians of christianity has changed their customs, but not strong. During Great Domestic war occupational Hungarian parts in territory of Soviet Union showed such "Asian" degree of enthusiasm in marauding and cruelty in relation to population and captured, which Germans were not capable even during actions of chastisers. Germans with contempt and fear concerned to actions of Hungarians. Hungarian cavalry and the infantry for a history of formation and existence of Austro-hungarian empire repeatedly carried out that refers to genocide of the slavic population. Now there are bases to assert, that consequences of these actions of Hungarians have resulted to, that now western and southern slavs in the numerical attitude is 7 times less, than might be.


But the basic parts of Huns settle on Volga, having given rise to Khazar ethnos. They have mixed up with nomadic ethnoses of the Volga region, and then with Caucasus, became all over again a part of Avarsk kaganat, and after its disintegration have formed Khazar kaganat. Exactly from here, from this branch of Huns are Chechens".


Such history of patrimonial consciousness of Chechens on Blagovolin. Now it is clear, why Hungarians were the first rebels against Soviet Union, and Finns have crushed Stalin hordes in 1939. So it is time that Chechens, Finns, Hungarians and other Khazars recollect the ethnic relationship. Especially to Finns (so also to Estonians) absolutely now it will be indecent to them to refuse the relatives from "Kavkaz-Center" in accommodation of a server in their country.


As to Chechens they apparently, sooner or later again should collide with chinese. You see Moscow so strengthened is cajoles Pekin and carry out joint military doctrines. Obviously, Russians are going to remind Chinese who are their present historical enemies.


Vakh Khasanov,

Kavkaz Center

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