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Amir Magas: 'This is War Between Islam and kufr'

Publication time: 4 November 2006, 20:29

Interview with brigadier general Akhmad Evloyev (Amir Magas), who is the commander of Caucasus Front of AF CRI, was published by IA Daymohk.

- As-salamu aleykum, Ahmad. We know that you became Amir of Caucasus Front recently, but theme of this our conversation is Ingush Sector, for still you are Amir of it also.

A.Evloyev: Wa aleykum as-salam. Yes, I must superpose these duties, till the time of suitable decision of Caucasus  Mujahideen's authorities. You can ask me about you want.

- Fighting operations of Mujahideen in Ingushetia became more intensive and agreeable. How can you explain this?

During last years enormous efforts were applied for organization and unification of all fighting groups of Ingushetia's Mujahideen under sole commandment and common Nizam. Earlier, Mujahideen were going out on Jihad under authority of separate jama'ats, which were independent in their deeds, with the  exception of few of them. There was no one, common for all Mujahideen, Nizam and there was no general oath. Every group was put to one's shifts, and Jihad was keeping only owing to personal efforts and means of every Mudjahed. Many of them met  their Lord already  and they are receiving promised share in the Paradise, Insha'Allah. These were real Mujahideen and sincere Muslims. They will live in our memory forever. Precisely they began Jihad in Ingushetia. Of course, there made many mistakes  and errors on that period, we learnt them and extracted many very important lessons.

In spite of the vast losses amongst Ingushetia's Mujahideen, since 1999, unbelievers were unable to destroy the spirit of Jihad in Ingushetia. Insha'Allah, this will occur never.

Today all jama'ats of Ingushetia entered in the structure of Ingush Sector Caucasus Front's, with exception few of them , and we work in this direction with these jama'ats also. Amirs of all jama'ats are in obedience to Amir of Ingush Sector, for their oath.

Very important role in the development of war situation in the Sector plays Special Operative Groups (SOG), that are completed by most experienced Mujahideen. Their efforts are aimed on the liquidation  of  odious persons, which has participated actively in the murders and tortures of Muslims, and on the liquidations of  others, which has been poisonous for religion of Allah. Highly professional SOG's actions  has caused perceptible blow on the enemies of Allah in Ingushetia, this year.

- Mujahideen of Ingush Sector had refuted their having relations to the thing of assault on the procurer of the Nazran district Girihan Hazbiyev's house, that happened  August,9 in Altievo village. Have you any additional information about this, who did make the assault and with which aims?

A.Evloyev: We confirm again that we have no relations to this incident, which took life of Girihan Hazbiyev's brother Adam and 13 innocent Muslims were wounded. Adam was a good Muslim, many Mujahideen knew him personally and they were speaking about him as about sincere Muslim, who was strongly devoted to the religion of Allah, who was troubling hardly about Jihad and who was helping Mujahideen often.

Before accepting of decision about liquidation of any bandit, we check all information carefully. In the case of accepting such decision, SOG's Mujahideen prepares for action , avoiding of accidental sacrifices is among aims of these preparations also.

In all probability, this murder made members of the terrorist organizations (FSB, MVD, etc.). Adam Hazbiyev became another one sacrifice of  Rusnya's policy in Caucasus region.

Relatives of the persons, which were oppressed and unjustly punished by Girihan, can make this crime also. In any case, first reason of the incident is Girihan's service for unbelievers and his betrayal of Islam. Precisely his immoral service has killed Adam and it has wounded 13 his neighbors. May be, he will able to find these killers, by using his influence, but he will not return his brother. This case is very significant. Let think good all, who works on kafirs. Does this work cost lives of their relatives and theirs own?

- What can you say about firefighting between Ingush and Chechen hypocrisies, that occurred on September, 13 on this year?

A.Evloyev: I'll answer as in the one Ingush joke says:'' O, God, give us every day as this one.'' These nonentities are not worthy for more attention and their clashing also.

- Internet edition states:" In reality, there is guerilla war against power structures. It's unlikely, that reasons of this war are connected with rebel movement or Chechen Resistance. In all probability, the armed underground  of avengers was born by general violations of the human rights, by murders and tortures, by unlawful methods of judicial inquiry against people of Republic, and by facts of kidnapping.'' How can you comment this statement?

A.Evloyev: Today site is one of the few, that provides relatively objective information about events in Ingushetia. Editorial staff of this site holds position of enmity towards kafirs and their puppets in Ingushetia, but they are not  the supporters of Shari'ah also, even quite the reverse. is highly oppressed, as another ones. So, they must produce such conclusions sometimes, that themselves does not believe.

All things mentioned above occurs in reality: the tortures, the kidnappings, etc. In such conditions, people wants to revenge. This is natural willing. May be, so happened with Hazbiyev.

But this article is spoken about successful actions of Mujahideen in Ingushetia on July-August 2006. I shall not repeat this, because we told already.

I want to underline, that motivations Mujahideen's deeds were desire of finding Allah's Complacency and desire to establish the Laws of Allah on the earth. This is not revenge for our brothers and sisters, but just punishment in accordance with Shari'ah.

- How can you define an attitude of Ingush people to Mujahideen? Does it change on better or not?

A.Evloyev: Today Ingush society is not united and its members has not same point of view on Jihad and Mujahideen. Society is disunited, deceived and exists under oppression of kafirs power.

Today, as all over the world, most of the Ingush Muslims (i.e. peoples that names themselves Muslims) ‘'they caught the cows' tails'', as Prophet said. They wants to receive material goods and high position in this world.

Unfortunately, most Muslims emulates Jews, which are under Wrath of Allah. Like them, Muslims follows the Commandments of Allah with accordance with own imagination. They accepts one part of Divine Laws, that does not contradict with their desires, but they refutes another part, that contradicts. This is reason of Allah's Wrath.

Once, Jews said: ‘' We hear You, but we disobey'', these wards became reason of their humiliation. In fact, this is contemporary slogan of the Muslims.

Precisely in this is background of such humiliation, not only for Ingushs, but for Muslim world totally.

Jihad is one of the most important duties prescribed by Allah. And attitude of Muslims to Jihad defines in accordance with their attitude to this contemporary disease.

Dynamic of the armed Jihad's development deeply depends on the sincerity of the faith, level of knowledge and understanding of Islam.

Al-Hamdu li-llah, understanding of Islam at whole, and after this understanding that Jihad is immanent part of the Muslim's duty, increases more and more in the people's conscience. So, we can see every year growing number of volunteers for Jihad.

- Are all methods of decision Ingush-Osetin conflict's finished? Have you own propositions in this case?

A.Evloyev: At first, I want to define the combination of wards ‘' Ingush-Osetin conflict''. If we speak about events of the autumn 1992, on the Buru-g1ala City's (Vladikavkaz) and Prigorodniy district's territories, it was not a conflict. It was another case of genocide, performed by Russian kafirs against Muslims, in this case- against Ingushs, which were living on these lands.




This is priories policy of Rusnya in Caucasus: ‘'divide and rule''. There are a lot of another conflicts in this mostly Islamic region, not only Ingush-Osetin one. It was made especially, when blamed Russia came on the Caucasus lands. Earlier nations of Caucasus were living peacefully, without mutual pretensions.

Kafirs turn a land into the apple of discords, this was made without mistakes. They took a land , by power, from one nation and gave it to another one. After ages of living on this new land second nation began to love and protect this land as its property. This is main method of doing such potential conflicts.

There is only sole decision of these problems: Whipping of Russia from Caucasus and establishing of Islamic power, for it is only lawful ruling. After this conflict will finish, and Ingushs with  Osetins will decide all mutual problems themselves.

Russia uses Osetia for dirty imperialist deeds in the region.Russia created a potential threat of Osetia's destruction by giving to it parts of the lands of Kabardino-Balkariya, Ingushetia, Georgia, etc. These nations became enemies and Osetia depends totally on Russia and its military support.

That touches position of Mujahideen of Ingush Sector KF, it consists in this:

We do not recognize the borders, which were established by unbelievers. So, we don't recognize that Prigorodniy district, Buru-g1ala, or any another land belongs to Osetia or anybody else. At first, this land belongs to Allah, Who granted it to Umma of Muhammad(sas), as another parts of Ingushetia, Caucasus, etc. There were reasons, main of them is deviation of the Muslims from the Path of Truth, and Allah Almighty allowed the scornful kafir's ruling on these lands. So, every Muslim must perform Jihad for returning these lands to the Umma of Muhammad. Aim is establishing of lawful Shariah power.

- How can Russian-Caucasus war finish in the future? Are there possibilities of decision?

A.Evloyev: Only Allah knows future and we don't know what waits us. We can only think, hope and make supplications to Allah, asking Him about His help for us.

Fighting covered all regions of Caucasus already, and Mujahideen, as they can, destroys unbelievers together with their puppets on all directions. We hope for victory, we rely upon Allah, He is Best  Protector.

Even the combination of these wards of ‘'Russian-Caucasus war'' is not correct. Because this war is not between Russians and Caucasians. Many Russian Muslims fights on the side of Mujahideen, as the members of another nations, which were occupied by Russia. On another hand, a lot of munafics and kafirs amongst Caucasians fights on the side of Russian unbelievers. This is war between Islam and kufr, and victory in this war will be for Islam, Insha'Allah.

- What do you want to say to Ingush people?

A.Evloyev: Dear brothers!

Situation in the world says without hesitations that we are in the eve of great battle between Islam and kufr. Unbelievers does not cover their intentions and supports ones by armed attacks on Islam and Muslims. They has united under the slogan of the war with terrorism. They announced clear war to Islam.

Today everybody must decide on which side to fight,- on the side of Islam or on the side of kufr. Because there is no third side. If you think about avoiding of this struggle, you must know that it is impossible. If you will not be with Muslims, oppressors will compel you to fight on their side. We have such example in the Badr's battle. Muslims , which did not perform Hijra from Mecca, were compelled to fight against another Muslims, unwillingly. Many of them were killed in this battle. Allah Almighty said in the Holy Qur'an about them that they are the dwellers of the Fire. This is a terrible end.

So, perform Jihad by yourself and by your property and by your supplications. You must clean your hearts from the fear of scornful unbelievers. Allah says: "Surely those who disbelieve among the people of earlier Scripture and the polytheists shall burn forever in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of all creatures." (Sura al-Bayyina, 98, ayah 5).

You must fear Allah, but you should not fear them. Their power is only a myth, strengthened by bad Iblis! Only Power of Allah is Truth. We can find many examples of this in the Holy Qur'an.

Dear brothers! Islam will be victorious in every case. With you or without you. Allah will destroy and humiliate unbelievers when He will want. But how will your role and place in this?

Allah does not need neither your help, nor us. But we all need His help and support. He will ask us about our deeds on the Day of Judgment. So, provide good deeds, and best of deeds is Jihad! Allah gave you a possibility to participate in the Holy Struggle on His Path. He, by His Mercy, created you as Muslims. You must prove your devotion to Him and sincerity of your faith.

Fear Allah Almighty, hope on His Mercy, be steadfast and patient. Insha'Allah, Help of Allah is not far!

Source: Daymohk

Kavkaz Center

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