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Heroes Of Jihad In Chechnya

Publication time: 29 November 2006, 20:01

They gave their life for the sake of Allah. They came from all over the world for jihad. They were with their brothers in their hard times. They lost their lives in jihad and became shaheeds (martyrs) in this way. Actually they didn't die! They are still alive and in the heaven they are living their lives. They aren't only the heroes of Chechnya, they are also heroes of this muslim ummah. They all smile when they lose their lives because they know that paradise is waiting for them. Just before they die, they see the heavens and they give their lives while smiling. In this war alot of mujahideen became shaheeds and went to heaven.


1)Abu Bakr From Arabia (1997)†††


†He was one of Khattab's assistants. He joined jihad in chechnya in 1995. He fought in many battles untill death. In 1997, in Dagestan he became shaheed in an operation against Russian positions.


2)Hakeem Al Madani (1999-August)


In 1999 August, mujahideen invaded Dagestan. In Dagestan, they won most of the battles. After a battle won by the mujahideen Hakeem Al Madani was walking on the battle field around Russian corpses and collecting their guns as booties. When he approached a Russian, he thought the Russian was dead but he was alive, then the Russian shot him in the head. He was one of assistants of commander Khattab and he went to Chechnya with Khattab in 1995.


3)Salman Raduyev (Arrested in 2000- was killed in 2002)


†He was a real hero. In 1994 when the war first started he joined the war with his group, Lonely Wolves. His group was about 500 men and they had very succesful operations against Russians. In 1996 he went to Dagestan with his men for an operation. In an hostage taking operation he was planning to make his sound heard. After that operation Russians were unable to catch him. In 1999, he retired from Chechnya army because he was injured in a battle and became old. In 2000, Russians found and cought him when he was having rest in his house in Chechnya. In 2002 he found dead in the prison inside of Russia. Everybody knows that he was killed by Russians with tortures.


4)Arbi Barayev (2001-September)


He had a group of 60 mujahideen. With that small group he had very succesful operations. We could hear his group make daily attacks on Russians. In daily attacks they would kill at least 3-5 Russian soldiers each day. In september of 2001, he was in a village with his mujahideen and planning for more operations in the future. Then Russian army learnt that he is in that village and they surrounded the village with 3000 soldiers. He had only 50 soldiers at that time. The battles last about 2 days and Arbi Barayev lost his life with 15 of his men. Other chechen mujahideen successed to escape without getting killed. In the whole battles Russians lost about 200 of their man. In only the first 9 months of 2001, only his group was able to kill at least 1000 Russian soldiers in Chechnya.


5)Ebu Abbas Al Kuwaiti (February 2000)


He was born in Kuwait and when he was 23 years old he went to Chechnya for Jihad. In a short time he became very friendly with other mujahideen and he had very close friendships. In Sherzen Yurt, about 100 mujahideen had been resisting against Russians for a long time. Russians were unable to take Sherzen Yurt for about 40 days of resistance. Chechen commander laters put 15 of mujahideen to front lines. Those 15 mujahideen were standing in the entrance of the town and they had the hardest job. After the heavy resistance some of the mujahideen decided to leave this town. They cut through the huge Russian siege, killing scores of Russian soldiers and they were able to reach Khatni town. Then Russians followed the mujahideen and attacked to Khatni town this time. Another succesful resistance started against Russians then. Mujahideen were in their shelter while giving resistance. They were laying down and shooting Russians. Suddenly Abu Abbas, stood up and started to shoot Russians one by one. When Russians realized him they shot him but it was really hard to kill him. It was 14th February when he became shaheed. In only 3 days his best friend Khallad Al Madani was killed too. They both became shaheeds and met in the heaven. Khallad was killed while he was having rest in his house. A rocket crushed to his house and killed his whole family.


6)Masood Al Benin (February 2000)


He was born in France. After high school he went to England for college education. He was not a muslim because his family was a christian family. In england he learnt islam from muslim students in england. Then he started to like this religion. Then he wanted to fight in Jihad. First he went to Afghanistan to take military education and then he went to Chechnya. He was in chechnya when he was a new muslim. It was 1996 when he went to Chechnya and the first war was about to end. When the war ended he became a teacher in chechnya and started to teach people what he knew. He had his education on computers and he was very well on computers. During the second war he used computers in jihad. He always edited and prepared the footages in the jihad in 1999. He was also a well known fighter amongs mujahideen. He was injured in the Sherzen Yurt battles. His injury was heavy and he had to be treated outside Sherzen Yurt. In Sherzen Yurt 2 more of the mujahideen were injured like him. They picked a military truck and headed to Grozny. They passed the first Russian check point by giving bribe. In the second check point Russians didn't accept the bribe and killed all of mujahideen with truck driver but for a short time mujahideen were able to shoot back and kill about a dozen of Russian soldiers.†


And many others like these heroes....



KC (will be continued)

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