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Amir Salih (Kabarda-Balkar Sector): 'We Have Great Plans, But Everything Is in the Hands of Allah...'

Publication time: 22 January 2008, 22:06
On the photo: Mujahideen storm the FSB office in Nalchik 10 Ramadan 1426 (13.10.2005)


Recent events in Nalchik (the united Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay) once again attracted attention to this territory of the Emirate of Caucasus. Despite big reluctance of Russian media and occupation authorities in reporting military action in this region of the Emirate, the information filters through.


Big coverage was received by a recent operation in Nalchik, which resulted in elimination of Kyarov, the ringleader of the "UBOP" (organized crime dept.) gang of murtaddin. Although the main target of the Mujahideen, "FSB" ringleader Patrushev, has managed to leave Nalchik alive, the operation is considered quite successful, because among eliminated is one of the most active and bloody enemies of Islam and the Mujahideen, who has on his hands blood of hundreds of Muslims who were tortured to death.


An earlier operation, when 9 huntsmen and hunters were eliminated by the Mujahideen, had big repercussions [in the media]. Russian media and local murtaddin tried to discredit the successful operation of the Mujahideen in every way possible, telling fables about "peaceful hunters".


About a week ago (before murtadd Kyarov was eliminated) a correspondent of Kavkaz-Center met one of the commanders of a unit of the Kabarda-Balkar Sector of the Caucasian Front of the Armed Forces of the Emirate of Caucasus, which is active in the Chegem gorge, amir Salih, and asked to comment on the situation in the Wilayah of KBK, and also to tell about the operation which resulted in elimination of 9 huntsmen and hunters.


The interview was initially published by the Russian language edition of Kavkaz-Center on 7 Muharram 1429.




Q: What is the condition of the Mujahideen in your sector today?


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful!


Praise be to Allah, Who created us Muslims and did us a great favor with this Jihad, giving us an opportunity to fight and earn a place in the Paradise. Peace and blessings be upon the Leader of all Mujahideen, Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and all who followed his path till the Day of Judgment. To proceed...


al-Salam ‘alaykum wa-rahmat Allah!


The condition, al-hamd Lillah, is good. Part of the Mujahideen is in the winter bases in the mountains. Others are making preparations for the spring-summer fighting season in populated places. The rest are recruiting and training young Mujahideen.


Q: The famous elimination of the group of Russian kuffar and local hunters and huntsmen who accompanied them caused big repercussions and disturbance among the invaders. In your opinion, what caused such reaction?


The main reason is that four of the killed were Russians. Kuffar know that Russian population of our Wilayah is the main supporter of their empire. The vast majority of Russian colonists are informers, employees and agents of the occupation structures.


At the same time, colonial settlements are the weakest place of kuffar, therefore any attack against the Russian colonists is perceived by Moscow very painfully.


Kuffar are striving to take root deeper in our land, to consolidate their hold on it, in order to rule out any future possibility of liberation of occupied territories.


Earlier they created some visibility of a national sovereignty in occupied lands. Now kuffar don't even bother to conceal their imperial ambitions.


A businessman from Moscow (drug dealer in the near past, twice caught red-handed) was appointed to govern in Nalchik, and several outside supervisors of Jewish nationality were appointed to look after him.


Prime-minister (Yarin), MVD ringleader (Tomchak) and another supervisor with an incomprehensible post of "representative of the plenipotentiary". This gang is led by some secret state security service agent from Moscow.


All these officials piled up one over the other are actively promoting ideas of Russism in our land. T. Malbakhov, the deceased first secretary of the communist party, is praised through local media day and night, and during his rule it was forbidden to speak your native language in the public transport.


Not only Russia did not recognize the genocide of Caucasian nations, but even cynically ordered its lackeys to celebrate "voluntary" joining of our nations to the empire.


This insolence of the kuffar opened eyes of many people. Anti-Russian mood among the population of our Wilayah is growing like a snowball. Although, to be fair, it is worth mentioning that among Russians living in this land, there are many brothers and sisters who embraced Islam. There are even Russian Shuhada’ (in sha’a Allah). Unfortunately, among Kabardinians and Balkars there are many who betrayed the Faith and curse a muadhdhin when they hear the call to prayer.


Q: Five huntsmen who were killed in the Chegem forest were Muslims. Many people ask questions whether it was necessary to liquidate them.


We are based in mountains more than one year and of course there occur unwanted encounters with the peaceful population: shepherds, woodcutters, hunters. Quite often we have to arrest those people who come to our units' location. They all know that the forest is a war zone but nevertheless they venture into the mountains, hoping for the kindness of Mujahideen and leniency from our side.


Until now we limited our response to a spoken warning and did not harm infringers of the martial law. We also used to release huntsmen, although we have all rights to kill them, because they work for kuffar, they carry weapons and they are guides for kafir gangster groups from Russia.


Among the huntsmen we eliminated was one, whom we released a month earlier. He was detained by our reconnaissance group and testified that he beat wild animals for a group of kuffar from Kislovodsk. He was aware about the martial law, and he admitted that he deserved death and he was even surprised when he knew that he had a chance to repent and stay alive.


That person promised on oath that he would keep silence and observe the martial law in future. He kept his first promise but failed to keep the second. When we captured them, everybody except that huntsman took us for Russian kuffar. They cursed the Mujahideen vying with one another and boasted of their relatives who served in occupation forces and police.


One of them said that his son-in-law was "a sniper who killed a "wahab" on 13 October 2005", another told about his daughter who worked in the 3rd police station of Nalchik.


Straight away we divided these "hunters". Balkars were taken to the dug-out and given tea, and Russians were left outside.


These so called Muslims showed visiting cards of their friends from FSB and MVD and wished us "to finish off busurman scum quicker". So there was no need to interrogate them. Their belonging to the military camp of infidels was obvious.


This incident should be a lesson for those who serve the giaours, selling their Religion for a small price. They prefer to risk their lives, hoping to earn brass money in the form of a sop from Russian invaders or local puppet officials. We should not become employees of invaders and traitors. Their property as it is, belongs to us by rights.


Q: A campaign of discontent of KBR residents by the elimination of the "peaceful hunters and huntsmen" was launched in puppet media. And how actually did local population react on the fact of their elimination?


Differently. We are condemned by him, who submitted himself to being a slave and gave an oath of loyalty to giaours. He became one of them. We consider him an infidel, regardless of his nationality. Therefore his opinion does not bother us.


It matters for us how Muslims interpret what happened. And here we were pleasantly surprised.


Not long before the mentioned events two peaceful residents accidentally came to our base. We interviewed them, warned about the responsibility for divulging of military amanah (secret) and released them.


Soon they brought food products to the base and invited us home. The brothers visited one of them. The host, although he neglected the prayer and had not very pious way of life, did not betray the Mujahideen and even invited them to live in his home.


There were other occasions when peaceful residents came to the base. But nobody gave away information about places where Mujahideen were stationed. After the kafir group was shot dead in the forest, these residents said: "We knew that there was a military base in the forest, and knew these guys (the Mujahideen). They did not cause harm to anybody and treated well the peaceful people. If they killed the hunters, they did so because the latter cooperated with police".


Q: Kafir propaganda outlets claim that best pathfinders and the entire army of mountain gunners and special units were sent to find you. Do you encounter any inconveniences in this regard?


Indeed, there are very many kuffar in the gorge, but Allah shuts their eyes and they often pass by our camp, staring straight at us without noticing. We don't engage them first, and kuffar themselves often simply pretend that they did not see anything.


All those "alphabet" spetsnaz and other Russian gangs don't constitute a serious threat for us. They are here temporarily, sent here by their employers. Their goal is to walk kilometers in the mountains, report on combing square kilometers, receive their money and return home alive.


Local police show miracles of "heroism" fighting against the civilian population. They arrest anyone indiscriminately and beat anybody who is suspected of connections to Mujahideen. The people are already afraid of buying wholesale at a market.


Checkpoints are posted at the roads, and anyone whom they find having more than a minimal living wage of products in his car, finds himself in a police station where he is interrogated and humiliated in any way. This is all local apostates are capable of.


They are afraid to venture deep into the forest. Usually they sit in bushes at the edge of the forest, and come out at the evening, pretending that they combed the forest all day.


Additionally, recently we have begun to booby-trap mountain paths and roads. After several bombings, betrayers of Islam have completely lost their desire to chase the Mujahideen.


The only problem we have today is that we don't have capability to arm all volunteers. We don't have enough components for explosive devices, we don't have enough grenade launchers, machine guns. But we don't hurry, we are arming ourselves with patience and strive on the path Allah as far as possible, in sha’a Allah.


One of our serious shortcomings is, in my opinion, insufficient media support of Jihad. Kuffar try to block any information about our activity in the territory of Kabarda and Balkaria with all their might.


We already got used to the fact that kuffar don't count corpses of non-local mercenaries and their deaths are not announced anywhere. But now they began to invent new ways of concealing information from people.


Now they demand from doctors who witnessed death of wounded kuffar to give a written undertaking not to disclose the information. For example, during the day of the so called 450th anniversary celebration, brothers made two bombings: one near OMON (special purpose police squad), the second on the Rostov-Baku highway.


The puppet regime declared that nobody supposedly suffered in the explosions. As it turned out later, in the first instance two members of the "OMON MVD KBR" (special purpose police squad of the Ministry of Interior of Kabardino-Balkarian republic) were killed, and in the second a bus carrying gang of SOBR (combined quick reaction squad) from Astrakhan was blown up.


Kuffar also keep silence about killing of four bandits from TsSN FSB (Special Purpose Center of the Federal Security Service) (Alpha group etc.) during one month in Hasanya and its vicinity. One Mujahid became Shahid (in sha’a Allah) during these [operations].


Several days ago a powerful explosions occurred not far from the buildings of the puppet Ministry of Interior and prosecutor's office in Nalchik. Kuffar explained that nobody was hurt and called it a hooligan act. [In fact] it was done by one of out sabotage groups. As far as I know, the action's goal was to eliminate bandits from the "OVO" (extra-departmental guard), who guard safety of officials and patronage shops. Moreover, that gangster group guards strategic and military installations of the occupation regime.


The brothers prepared a surprise for them but this time they have managed to escape death. Not far from the operation place "operatives" from other gang (FSB agents from Moscow) were riding in their cars, and during the moment when one of their crews stopped near the bomb, the brothers set it off. As far as we know, kuffar got off with contusion, but it is not bad, what is important, there is a hope that the brothers will receive reward from Allah, the Most High, for the job they made, regardless of its results.


We intend to stop "OVO" group's criminal business, if Allah wills. Let this explosion be a warning to them. They still have a chance to repent, lay down arms and return to peaceful life. And even better and more honorable than that, to become Mujahideen on the path of Allah, to deserve His mercy and the Paradise.


Q: What is your forecast for the future?


We have great plans, but everything is in the hands of Allah. He Alone knows what is good for us, and what is bad for us. Everything will come in its time. I am sure of one thing: Muslims will win the victory. This is the promise from Allah, and He does not change His promises.


Allah Akbar!

News from the group of amir Usman (Belaya Rechka, Hasanya, Gerpegezh), the combined Wilayah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay, the Emirate of Caucasus.


During the last two months (Dhu al-Qi‘dah and Dhu al-Hijjah) Mujahideen from the group of amir ‘Uthman twice attacked so called defensive posts of kuffar at the exits from the village of Hasanya. A machine gun, assault rifles and a sniper rifle were used. In both instances kuffar did not put up any resistance.


In the first instance, the fire was opened from the distance of approximately 20 m against standing gangsters. Kuffar admitted death of only one accomplice, a captain from the "GIBDD" (traffic police) gang.


These actions were the answer on the brutal murder of Zeytun Gayev, a resident of the village of Gerpegezh, who was imprisoned by kuffar in complicity with criminal elements from the "GIBDD" gang group.


The reason for his detention was discovery of food products in his car. Kuffar put in his car several grenades and gun cartridges.


Zeytun realized that he will be tortured, and straight away told local policemen from the "UBOP" (organized crime dept.) that he will show them all caches and bases of Mujahideen. He made those murtaddin walk in the forest more than 24 hours until they finally realized that they were being cheated.


The traitors were enraged, but Zeytun, by the mercy of Allah, had managed to cheat them once more. He told them that in his home he had a handgun under a stack of hay. The gangsters went to his home, sifted through two stacks of hay, but did not find anything.


Zeytun had managed to let our brothers know that he was imprisoned by the UBOP group. He did not say kuffar a word after that, although he knew much.


Truly, who is enforced by Allah, non can break him. May Allah accept his deeds and grant him the highest rank in the Paradise.


Also, the group of amir ‘Uthman executed a murtadd with a nickname of Kunya, who infiltrated the ranks of Mujahideen to spy for "UBOP" gang ringleaders. That apostate has a long history of crimes. He actively offered his help to the Mujahideen, and making use of the brothers' trust, he was able to know the location of an amir. As a result, several brothers were martyred, others were imprisoned.


It happened in the territory of a garage complex in Nalchik. Mujahideen executed him at the same place, in the same garages where he betrayed the brothers.


In 2005 his guilt in lying was established many times, when he tried to worm information out of Muslims by fraud. He tried to lure brothers into an ambush, but they already had been suspecting him and had managed to outwit the kuffar. It happened in Volnyy Aul. That time the Mujahideen waited until far into the night, eliminated a covering force of traffic police, captured their weapons and retreated to a base.


After attack against the gang structures in October 2005 agent "Kunya" declared himself an "amir of a Mujahideen group". He continued to cheat brothers, told them that he allegedly had a communication with amir Sayfullah and that soon there would be another attack.


However, soon the betrayal was revealed and everybody knew that this person was a hypocrite and nobody trusted him any more. Recently this agent provocateur became very insolent, he started to call to Jihad everyone who sat in his taxi, hoping to get some information.


Retribution for crimes inevitably will befall anyone, regardless of how much time passed. It is only the matter of time. Allah, the Most High, says in the Qur'an (interpretation of the meaning):


"And let not those who disbelieve think that they can outstrip (escape from the punishment). Verily, they will never be able to save themselves (from Allah's punishment). And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war to threaten thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them, whom you may not know, (but) whom Allah does know" (Surat al-Anfal, 8:59-60).


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