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International terrorists from FSB Russia murdered Polish President with EMP

Publication time: 14 April 2010, 12:54

The Romanian Global News was the only outlet of the Rumanian media which reported about the attack of international terrorists from the FSB Russia against the plane of the Polish President in Smolensk, in which the whole Polish elite had been exterminated. The Rumanian agency cites its sources in the security structures of the NATO. The report has not been officially confirmed yet, but increasing evidence testifies that the Russians really eliminated the leadership of Poland in the most brutal crime of this century.


The opportunity was unique for Russia. Russia never had so many enemies seated in one plane over its territory or near a military base equipped with electronic and electromagnetic weapons systems. It was an opportunity that former KGB agent Vladimir Putin could not miss.


To murder enemies was the ABC of philosophy for security services in the Czarist Russia, which remains intact until now. For the FSB, GRU, SVR and for all other Russian secret services it was just a routine operation, which they call in technical terms "the annihilation of anti-Russian political and military leaders of an enemy country."


The Russian claim of a "human error" and other Russian disinformation campaigns can not conceal the fact of a sudden and total failure of all the equipment on board the plane and free the Russians of suspicions that they destroyed the plane in a terrorist attack.


It is a crime that Moscow would have to pay for many years ahead. The Russian state terrorists initially wanted to eliminate the President and his brother, a former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski. He didn't board the death plane only by chance, his mother was ill.


Jaroslaw Kaczynski is likely to be the next president of Poland.


Actually, informed people can not be fooled by the Russian disinformation campaign launched after the tragedy, indirectly confirming suspicions disclosed by the Romanian Global News.


The Rumanian Evenimentul Zilei B1 TV aired a program about the tragedy with Caesar Osiceanu as moderator. The Russian version of events contradicts the information received by the Romanian Global News, the program reported.


In its turn, the Polish media is now more concerned with funerals of politicians exterminated by the Russians in the plane crash rather than starting to ask questions and get uneasy.


"A preliminary analysis of the conversations indicate that the 26-year old plane was in good working condition, writes the


Initially, the media speculated that the tragedy could have been caused by a poor state of the Russian-made Polish plane, noting that in the past 40 years, 60 such planes crashed. Six of them crashed in the last five years. The head of the production team at the Tupolev plant Alexei Gusev said the aircraft was recently refurbished and its engines were repaired.


The traffic controllers at the airport of Smolensk presumably advised the Polish pilot not to land, warning that a dense fog reduced visibility.


They suggested to the pilots to try to land in the airport of Minsk or Moscow. The Chief Pilot, Arkadiusz Protasiuk, presumably ignored the advice of the Russian controllers and decided to land in the airport in Smolensk. He presumably tried it four times.


A colleague of the now dead pilot, Tomasz Pietrzak, who flew several times such Russian planes, said there is no evidence so far that Protasiuk really tried four times to land in Smolensk.


The crash of the Polish President's plane which caused the death of all 96 passengers is absolutely inexplicable because of the sophisticated electronic equipment on board and experienced pilots.


Sources in the Polish Ministry of Defense in Warsaw reported exclusively to the Romanian Global News that Russian military carried out experiments in the past with electromagnetic weapons on its military base in the area of the military airfield where the plane of the Polish president tried to land.


In 2008, Moscow said it had created the most powerful electromagnetic weapon of all time, known as the EMP (electromagnetic pulse), the Russian paper Pravda reported.


"The immense power of billions of watts is being generated, and the weapon is of extremely small size. The innovation is that electromagnetic pulses emitted by the new weapon is much shorter, but extremely powerful, "said Gennady Mesyats, the Vice President of the Russian Academy of Science and director of the Lebedev Physics Institute.


"Such small weapon has never been created in the past and yet it is extremely powerful. . There were similar devices, made during the Cold War, but their size was huge. Our device is at least 10 times more powerful than any weapon created abroad," said Mikhail Yaladin, a scientist credited with the development of the electromagnetic super weapon.


Any electronic equipment fails to operate in the near of the electromagnetic device, when the generator is running. The device was shown in Yekaterinburg. According to Russian military scientists, it produces results similar to a lightning stroke or a nuclear explosion. The weapon was called Nika, after the Greek goddess of victory.


A weapon of this type can interfere with electronic equipment and engines of any aircraft, Polish military sources said to the Romanian Global News. It is very difficult to detect it because of a short period of the use of the electromagnetic beam.


Kaczynski brothers were among the strongest defenders Polish national interests, both from Moscow and from Germany and Brussels.


Under their leadership, one of the largest Russian spy networks has been destroyed by the Polish military counterintelligence. This is one of the hardest blows that Moscow has ever got in the NATO area.


The Rumanian news agency is not the only one who distrusts the Russians.


"Israeli" media outlets do not trust the official Russian version about the causes of the plane crash near Smolensk as well, the Rumanian Global News says. Some of them are inclined to see a Kremlin-style murder in this incident, reports the


 Many analyst believe that the tragedy was staged by the Kremlin, which hated Kaczynski, because of his anti-Russian stance.


On April 10, the first "Israeli" TV channel as well as the second one mentioned a possible involvement of Putin in the death of the Polish president.


Next day, on April 11, doubts were expressed in the print media.


"The Poles can hardly believe that all political and military leadership disappeared as a result of an accident caused by a tragic set of circumstances, technical defects and a human factor", writes the Yediot Ahronot newspaper.


The Ha'aretz newspaper adds:" In the first hours after the accident, a possibility of a Russian involvement prevailed in the Polish media because of tense relations between Kaczynski and Putin.


The Maariv went further and titled its article "A smell of liquidation".


"Moscow has promised to investigate, Putin became the head of the investigation committee, but it is unlikely that the truth would be ever revealed,", the article says.


The NRG Web site says that "the accusation in a targeted Kremlin-style assassination will accompany the story in the coming year"


A leading political analyst, Attila Somfalvi wrote in the "Facebook" that "the Russians are now the main suspects".


On April 12, the newspaper Ha'aretz noted that Russian solidarity with Poland in the Smolensk tragedy is only meant to deceive the world.


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