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''Allah sent us so that we eject people whom He wants from servitude of slaves to servitude to Allah alone''

Publication time: 2 January 2012, 01:33

Al-Qaeda as the biggest jihad movement and the fastest in terms of the growth of its cadres all over the world, has astounded the Western world, as well as the Eastern. The pros and cons that coloured their journey, are answered with real deeds and results that could be deemed as impressive, in the goal to restore the glory of the Islamic ummah, which has long suffered an apparent brain dead.

In defending the oppressed ummah, Al-Qaeda is not selective, the most noticeable example is the call of one of Al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen, Sheikh Nasser Al-Wahaysi who commanded the dispatch of a battalion of Al-Qaeda fighters, to combat the rebel Houthi Shiite who have attacked the headquarters of the Salafy Group in Dammaj.

Whereas, the Salafy Group are the hardcore opponents, and they label the fighters of Al-Qaeda as Khawarij and other names not suitable to be uttered against a brother. However, for Al-Qaeda it is not something that would stop them from helping their oppressed brothers, though hostile to their cause. It is this outlook that shows the maturity in struggling, and manhood sees the reality that Al-Qaeda exists not to defend a group, or to raise high the banner of a group, but they are purely conducting jihad to make the kalimah of Allah supreme.

In fact, even in the process of the revolution in the Middle-East, Al-Qaeda pretty much have a share in overthrowing the ruling regimes. Releases of supports from Al-Qaeda leaders for the revolution in Egypt, Syria and Libya, were widely distributed in the media read by millions of people around the world, in fact the elements of Al-Qaeda were also present in the thick of battle to topple down the regimes of the Arab dictators.

A clear example is the ousting of dictator Gaddafi which was supported by Abu Yahya al-Libi, this amir of A-Qaeda in Libya had been urging the Muslims in his country to overthrow the regime of Muammar Gaddafi and establish an Islamic government, the UmmaNews reported quoting the Associated Press (15/3/2011).

Depiction Of Al-Qaeda's Jihad

The Jihad and struggle for the liberation of the ummah done by Al-Qaeda today, was as described by Ash-Shaheed Sayyid Qutb in his very phenomenal work, Tafseer Fi Dzilali al-Qur'an. Sayyid Qutb said: "None of them said, when asked why they fought: "We went out to defend our country from the threat of the enemy!" or "We went out to drive out our Persian and Roman enemies" or "We went out to expand our territory and obtain a lot of spoils."

They said, "Allah sent us so that we eject the people whom He wants from the servitude of slaves to the servitude to Allah alone. From the narrowness of the dunya toward His spaciousness. From the injustices of other religions, toward the justice of the religion of Islam. Thus He has sent His Messenger with a religion for His creatures. Whosoever welcome us, we would receive them well, we would leave them alone, we would never disturb their land. Whosoever oppose us, we would kill until we are martyred and enter the paradise or we would achieve a dazzling victory."

If they are truly conducting jihad to raise high the kalimah of Allah, it's just proper that the people of understanding rise up and defend the honor of the Muslims and unite with the Thaifah Al-Mansurah in establishing the Dien of which none is higher than it.

"Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory".
(The Holy Quran, Surah 22. "The Pilgrimage", verse 39)


Wallahu a'lam

Abdullah in Jakarta

Source: MuslimDaily.Net


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