Mujahideen attacked convoy of high-ranking mercenaries from Russia and Iran in Damascus

Al-Arabiya reports that the Syrian Mujahideen attacked mercenaries from Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah in the Syrian capital of Damascus.


In a video posted on YouTube Friday, a spokesman of the Islamic brigade Ansar al-Islam, Abu Mu'adh said his group ambushed a convoy carrying a high-ranking Iranian official, Russian and Hezbollah military ringleaders headed to a meeting with Bashar al-Assad.


Abu Mu'adh added that the ambush was "carried out after sophisticated planning and buying information from Assad's generals".


Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mohammad Reza Shebani, however, refused to acknowledge that the Mujahideen successfully attacked Russian-Shiite mercenaries.


"These rumors come as a reaction to what the Islamic republic achieved in releasing detained Iranians in Syria", he said.


It is to be recalled that earlier, the Al-Arabiya confirmed that Syrian rebels killed a Russian mercenary from Moscow General Kojev.


In a video statement the Lieutenant General of the FSA, Majid Sayyed Ahmad, said that General Kojev and his interpreter, Ahmad a-Ayyouq, were eliminated during a special operation in the area of Ghouta.


"During the operation by the Soqour (Hawks) subdivision of Special Operations in cooperation with the Usama bin Zaid Battalion in western Ghouta, both of which belong to the Damascus team, specializing in extermination of the Russian vermin, on the eleventh month of 2011, with Allah's help, we eliminated a Russian adviser to Syrian defense minister and chief of staff, General Vladimir Petrovich Kojev and his personal translator Ahmad a-Ayyouq", said the statement. 


In Russia, at first they, had disowned general Kojev, whose name in the media presented as Kodzhiyev and stated that "there was no such a general in the army". Media also stated that "it could be either a retired Russian military or a representative of some other army of the former Soviet Union".


The Russian bandit embassy in Damascus also refused to acknowledge the elimination of Kojev.


"This information is not true", said a Russia's bandit official.


However, after a while the news agency Interfax, citing an unnamed source, reported that the name of the general - is not Kojev or Kodzhiyev, but Kozhiyev, and he "is in fact in Moscow":


"General Kozhiyev really previously served in Syria as an adviser to the minister of defense for military schools, and after retirement, he lives in Moscow", said the source. Even after a short time, the press service of the gang "defense ministry" said that the name of the general is not Kojev, or Kodzhiyev, or even Kozhiyev, but Kuzheyev, he was allegedly "discharged from military service in 2010 and now lives in good health living in Moscow":


"I am touched by this attitude to me by the media. Everyone wants to know, ask, say that I have been killed. It's okay, I live in Moscow", said Kuzheyev whose words were reported by the press-service of "defense minister", Konoshenko. Later, a Kuzheyev appeared on Russian television.


However, Al Arabiya is sure: the denial of Moscow was just a theatrical staging. In fact, General Vladimir Kojev was killed by the rebels who attacked his car.


They managed to capture a number of documents from the personal portfolio, belonging to the mercenary, in the car.


One of the documents found in the portfolio of Russian criminal was a certificate on the name of Kojev with the date of birth (1958), issued by the Alawite regime on June 26, 2007. Thanks to that certificate, Kojev had access to all the security agencies of Assad.


Another document found in a briefcase, was Russian general request to grant him leave for Moscow for vocation for the period from 10 December 2011 to 14 January 2012. Thus it states that his request was "in line with the contract of a special military adviser of Russia in Syria".


The request was addressed to the ringleader of the Alawite army Fahad Jassim al-Frei, who currently holds the post of defense minister in Assad's government.


Among the documents, leaked to the editor of Al Arabiya, are photos of the wreckage of the car "Mazda Zoom" with tinted windows, and a special permission from the Alawite Minister of Internal Affairs, which indicates that the tinting had been made "for security reasons".


Earlier, opposition sources reported that Kojev's car had been ambushed on the outskirts of Damascus, in district Ghouta, and that a Russian mercenary had been eliminated, along with three of his associates.


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