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Syria. Renunciation of democracy

Publication time: 10 February 2013, 14:15

Every day, international community of infidelity expresses its concerns about the development of the situation in Syria. Mujahideen and local national rebels capture new territories of the country, military bases and weapons of Alawites, and the Islamization of combat brigades of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is growing exponentially, writes UmmaNews.


Several months ago, 13 major Islamic rebel movements in Syria renounced Syrian democrats and so-called "national Syrian coalition", created and supported by the US and the Arab regimes. Mujahideen declared democrats illegitimate and promised that the main goal of the combat groups in Syria remained to establish the Islamic State.


In a recent statement, Islamic Front of Syria which united under its banner several Islamic brigades, including Ahrar al-Sham (The Freemen of Greater Syria), Harakat al-Fajr al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Syrian Front), Al-Jamiat al-Taliah al-Islamiyya (Islamic Vanguard Group), pointed out that the Mujahideen would not go to any talks with Assad and would renounce any revolutionary who opposes the Sharia of Allah.


The Islamic Front of Syria said that the only way to negotiate with the Alawite regime was the path of Jihad. They promised to do everything to free captive brothers and sisters - Muslim blood had been spilled, not for nothing, and victory would come soon.


Syrian Mujahideen fight in the north-eastern parts of the capital Damascus. Last Friday, they closed down a key highway.


Alawite checkpoints have been previously attacked along the main road from Damascus to northern Syria. A checkpoint "changed hands" several times on Thursday, but on Friday the Mujahideen took it over.


According to the AP, a spokesman for one of opposition groups fighting on the side of the Mujahideen in the area said the Islamic fighters sought to open a path for a future assault on the city.


"This is not the battle for Damascus. This battle is to prepare for the entry into Damascus", said Abu Fida, quoted by AP.


According to commanders of the Mujahideen, surveyed by Reuters, Islamic groups use the tactics of "two steps forward, one step back", gradually tightening the noose around Assad in Damascus.


Jihad in Syria is joined by more and more Muslims from various countries around the globe. These are Arab countries, the Caucasus Emirate, Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries, as well as Europe, America, Canada, Indonesia, and China.


The chief of Netherlands intelligence said that according to official statistics, dozens of Dutch and hundreds of European Muslims are fighting in Syria on the side of the Mujahideen.


The international community of infidels state that the Mujahideen increase their strength, so the only option for deference of the "Islamic threat" it sees in delaying.


The "community" uses all sorts of gatherings of Arab regimes of illegitimate "national coalition of Syrian opposition", as well as their complete loyalty to America and so-called "united nations" to ship arms and militants of for Assad from Iran, Lebanon, "Hezbollah", Russia, China and Yemeni puppet regime.


Not long ago, Emir of Jabhat al-Nusrah, Abu Muhammad al-Julani, in his message to the Syrians stressed that these calls for a "peaceful settlement" and "negotiations" are a part of American plan to retain in power the Alawite Assad regime.


The West tries to play for time to figure out how to act in the situation when the Syrian uprising gained an explicit Islamic shade.


Indicative in this connection was a recent announcement by Washington, which suddenly denied the facts of Assad using chemical weapons against peaceful Muslims, although there is a lot of such evidence.


It is to be recalled that recently, America and the notorious "united nations" threatened Assad with "response" if Alawite leader uses chemical weapons:


"I want to make it absolutely clear to Assad and those under his command -- the world is watching... The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. And if you make a tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable", Obama said during a speech at "National Defense University" in Washington.


"We are concerned that the increasingly beleaguered regime, having found its escalation of violence through conventional means inadequate, might be considering the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people", said White House press secretary Jay Carney.


An American foreign ministry deputy spokesman Mark Toner claimed that the use of weapons of mass destruction would be a "red line".


However, following recent publications in the Western media about the facts of using chemical weapons by Assad (according to Islamic sources, WMD were used at least since last summer), America hastened to explain that it allegedly does not possess data on the use of weapons of mass destruction against the Syrians.


"The reporting we have seen from media sources regarding alleged chemical weapons incidents in Syria has not been consistent with what we believe to be true about the Syrian chemical weapons program", said White House National security council spokesman Tommy Vietor.


"At the time, we looked into the allegations that were made, and the information that we had received, and we found no credible evidence to corroborate or to confirm that chemical weapons were used, said an American foreign ministry spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. - The reporting we have seen from media sources regarding alleged chemical weapons incidents in Syria has not been consistent with what we believe to be true about the Syrian chemical weapons program".


Meanwhile, "Israel" is already being prepared for a possible downfall of Assad. Tel Aviv is building a so-called "security fence" in the Golan Heights (see map) to separate itself from Syria.


It is to be recalled that a few months ago, Zionists promptly erected walls on the border with Egypt and Lebanon.


"What happens in Syria tomorrow, no one can predict for sure. But in any scenario, refugees will be trying to break through the border, and terrorist groups planning attacks against our citizens and infrastructure.


Paradoxically, but for 38 years, the border with our biggest enemy [Assad] was most safe and secure. However, the Syrian army is weakening. And it would be good news for us, if not create new threats", said a bloody Zio general Giora Eiland.


"We know that on other side of our border with Syria today, the Syrian army has moved away, and in its place, global jihad forces have moved in, said the Zionist leader Netanyahu. - We are coordinating our intelligence and readiness with the United States and others so that we might be prepared for any scenario and possibility that could arise".


At the same time, "Israel" is developing a plan to invade Syria to create a "buffer zone". This data is contained in the article by British newspaper Sunday Times.


The newspaper, claims in particular that the plan developed by the Zio general staff is a kind of "pre-emptive response" to a possible fall of the Assad regime and strengthening of the Mujahideen forces on the Syrian-"Israeli" border.


The jews believe that the invasion of Syria and the creating a "buffer zone" reaching up to 10 miles inside Syria should be carried out immediately after the overthrow of Alawite ringleader Assad. According to officials of the Zio general staff, it will block the penetration of Mujahideen into "israel" , and eliminate attacks on "jewish" territory.


"We've presented the prime minister with a comprehensive plan to defend "israeli" border after, or perhaps before, the fall of Assad's regime, said the source of the newspaper. - A buffer zone set up with the co-operation of local villagers (from among Alawites and Christians) lies at the heart of the plan. If the country remains unstable we might have to stay there for years".


Meanwhile, as reported by Reuters, a Jordanian Islamic preacher, Mohammad Shalabi, better known as Abu Sayyaf, said, that Jabhat al-Nusrah and its allies in the Islamic rebel brigades of the FSA may be faced with the supporters of secularism in Syria.


According to Reuters, Abu Sayyaf said that the Mujahideen refused to join the secular wing of the FSA in exchange for money and weapons from America and its Arab puppets.


Abu Sayyaf is sure that after the overthrow of Assad, insurgent elements hostile to Islam will demand from the Mujahideen to lay down weapons, and then a next stage of the confrontation starts.


Reuters writes that Abu Sayyaf spent 10 years in captivity in a Jordanian prison for his beliefs. According to the agency, puppets are trying to block Jordanian Muslims from joining the Jihad in Syria.


"We talked with security forces and asked them what harm would come if they let us go to Syria freely, said Abu Sayyaf, 46, describing a meeting with officers of the security forces. - You tell us we are troublesome, so let us get killed in Syria".


"What they fear is that these youths will return like 'Afghan Arabs'. They fear they would come back one day and declare Jihad and fight here", said the Abu Sayyaf.


The Jordanian puppets said that the army and security forces were doing their best to control the border with Syria:


"We don't allow any weapons or fighters to cross from Jordan", information minister Samih al-Maaytah said.


"We don't take sides in Syria or interfere there", he added.


It is to be recalled that it was Jordan that allowed to deploy on its territory US special forces, who are watching the situation in Syria.


Abu Sayyaf says Jordanian puppets tightened control over the border after Syrian rebels and the Mujahideen took some border areas.


"We don't have an organization that sends youths [in Syria] in an organized way", said Abu Sayyaf. According to Reuters, the Jordanian preacher denied that Jabhat al-Nusrah wass a branch of Al Qaeda:


"Trust me, there is no organizational link between al Qaeda and the Nusrah Front, though they share the same views and methods", he said, adding that the views and methods are based on the Koran and Tradition.


Abu Sayyaf said he supported the September 11 attacks on New York and Pennsylvania, calling them justified responses to Western or "israeli" incursions into Muslim lands, and hinted that France could also become a target for its recent intervention in Mali:


"It was France that came to Mali, we did not go to your home territory", he said.


Abu Sayyaf also criticized the puppet King Abdullah of Jordan, who warned last week about danger from a "new Taliban" arising in Syria.

"The king mentioned the danger of Al-Qaeda, since they all believe the real danger is true Islam, because you know if it [al-Qaeda] come to power, then it rips from the roots all of these regimes and establish the rule of Islam".


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